Thursday, 16 August 2012

WOW: Fool's Silver

WOW = Waiting On Weekend (Personally I don't like Wednesday's so I don't know why I would wait on one and secondly I do a lot of my reading and buying at the weekend so I thought this would be more appropriate for my blog but to each their own)

Seeing as I just did my Mortal Kiss Review and still have not not read Mortal Kiss: Fool's Silver then I would make this my WOW article of the day.

This is the second in the Mortal Kiss series which I, personally, thought would be fine as a stand alone but because the name is so cool I'm going to give it a chance.

FACT ABOUT ME: I follow through with a series even if I don't like it. The Evermore series for instance.

Check out my review for Mortal Kiss here:

I'm not going to put up the blurb of this book just yet until I read it and I recommend you don't look it up if you plan on reading the first book because of spoilers and all those bad things!

This second sensational story in the MORTAL KISS sequence - first serialised on international hit teen website Stardoll - is now a novel that is set to take the world by storm! - Amazon

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