TBR Pile

This is my TBR pile "virtually"
I'm trying to collect all the books in a series before starting it now which is why the position of stand alones will change (to take up the room).
A lot of the books on this list are books I've been putting off and am forcing myself to read.
In order of next to be read... and reasons why!

Trying to make a dent in the House Of Night series so I'm beginning with what I've got.


Second book in the Eternal Ones series. Waited forever for this!


Trying to catch up on a few series so it's only a matter of waiting for final releases and seeing I've read Hereafter I want to read this one.


Again, I read the first book and want to read the sequel seeing I've got it.

Because this is a stand alone and not a series I thought it would be refreshing and a good read to add here.

I've been going very slowly with Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series too so I'm trying to add one in whenever I can.

After being thoroughly disappointed with Dark Angel I tried to read this book a while ago. It went dreadfully slow so this time I'm going to sit down and force myself to read it and maybe I'll like it. (Doubtful). Thought Broken Dreams is out and I want to know whether it's worth it.

I never picked this book up because it looked so girly but Book Vloggers seem to like it so Morgan denied to read it and lent it to me. I'm going to have a go at it eventually and see what it's like.

I loved the movie and decided to give the books a try. I received this one the other day in the post so I'm going to try it out. I don't have my hopes up and it's not my usual thing so it's going to be a decider on whether or not I continue with the series.

This book was due back to the library on the 21st July 2010 and as I'm going to begin to use the library again I'm going to read it before I give it back. Which will have to be soon.

This is another stand alone which has been sitting around forever waiting to be read.

Again, another stand alone. The position of these books may change depending on what I can obtain of other series'.

I read the first few chapters of this and it reminded me vaguely of Fallen (maybe without the angels) but I need to try and power through.

I've started this book twice now with no avail. It is a frustrating thing with me to not be able to finish a book and this is maybe only the third or second time it's ever happening that I can occur. I do not intend on reading the whole series, especially after the Evermore disaster, but I'm giving it a chance.

I do not intend to read this book until I own Supernaturally and Endlessly.

I do not intend on reading either Switched or Torn until I have Ascend. The last book in it's trilogy.

As it says above ^ I need Ascend before I will read these.

I want to own Reached and Crossed before I read this trilogy.

I only own the first two books of this saga. Jonas and Arizona.

As it says above ^ I do not own the complete saga. I still need Summer and Arizona but perhaps I will read the first book to see if they are worth it as I did not like her Dark angels series much.

The books above ^ and this book belong to the Kissed by an Angel series but there is one more book to come out before I will read these. I have read Kissed by an Angel.

I may wait for the release of Vortex before reading this.

I want to have Jessica Rules the Dark Side before I read this.

I want to own Hades and Heaven before I read this but I have to wait to but Hades and for Heaven to be released.

I want to own Devoted and True before I read this.

I want to own more of the series before I begin this.

I only own 1, 3 and 4 in this series so I want to own more before I begin them.

I know this is number 2 in the Dark Heart series but it was on sale so I have to get book 1 and 3 first.

So as you can see, if you bothered to read this far, it's going to change a lot depending on how quickly I can read and what series I complete first. That should be interesting. I am putting a book buying ban on myself for books that aren't part of a series I already own. So no new series or stand-alones to be bought until all my current ones are completed first! But I have plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime :)

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