Thursday, 1 November 2012

A few quick things to say about...

How do you get sick of a book that draws you in from the first page every single time. There's so many different views of this book it's like reading a new story each and every time I read it. 
A heart-wrenching YA book about two broken teens struggling to put the shattered pieces of their lives back together and finding love along the way. 

 All of these authors told very interesting, creepy and highly imaginative stories. There were a few that confused me, but that was mostly because of the fact that I had never read the original rhymes they were based on and had no springboard because of it.
It’s always hard to decide what to rate anthologies. Some stories are amazing and others bore me.
It takes readers back to a time before Disney and the white washing of our childhood rhymes in the rivers of "happily ever after".

‘If she’d waited less than two weeks, she’d be June who died in June. But I guess my sister didn’t consider that.’
So many dead sisters in YA literature these days…
I can’t even begin to describe how deeply Harper’s grief affected me. It’s not often that I find myself completely taken aback by an author’s insight and sensitivity. I’m still convinced that she must have gone through something similar at some point in her life, otherwise she couldn’t have been able to describe so accurately the thoughts that sometimes follow such a disastrous event.
So to conclude, I loved this book, but I doubt I’ll be reading it again. I don’t think I’d be able to handle it all one more time. The feeling that I’ve been turned inside out and that I’m reading my own thoughts and emotions isn’t something I care to repeat anytime soon. 
I found the plot to be unique, though somewhat predictable after a certain point. While there were surprises thrown my way, I felt as if I figured out the main mystery before Kevin did. 
The characters were well developed, but I couldn’t connect with any of them. I felt as if there was something missing. The best developed character was Danielle, but I couldn’t stand her. There were avenues explored in this book that didn’t work with me because they didn’t end up really connecting to the plot or they were only explored vaguely. 
Because the plot was so unique and combined many various elements, I guess I just expected something more.

Can we just start by taking a moment of silence for this beautiful cover?
A Resurrection Spell gone wrong
You can never cheat death........ 
The world building is impressive. I love the concept of twin witches, sharing one body. It was written flawlessly. There were no dull moments. I read this book in one sitting. The story is so unique; I was absorbed in. 
It's a must-read.

My head is still spinning a bit about the plot though because I can't believe it. It's better than ice cream for a break up. The plot was original, the characters were relatable and down to earth despite not living on Earth. 

Didn't know this was a sequel when I was reading it so it was slightly confusing. But a good book overall.