Thursday, 16 August 2012

Book Review: Mortal Kiss

In Faye McCarron’s sleepy New England town of Winter Mill, the snow has arrived a little ahead of season—September, to be exact. But Faye and her best friend Liz are too busy reporting for the school paper to give the sudden chill much thought, especially with two new boys, Lucas and Finn, heating things up. Mercy Morrow, a wealthy heiress, has baffled the community by moving into a remote old mansion in the woods, bringing her charismatic son Lucas with her. And while Finn may be a member of the Black Dogs, a motorcycle gang taking over the streets, Faye can’t help but be intrigued by his gruff, dangerous allure.

Soon, Faye and Liz realize that romance may be the least of their worries. A dead body has turned up in the woods, the Black Dogs are on the prowl, and the snow just won’t stop falling. As the temperature drops and Halloween approaches, the girls must discover the dark and menacing secret at the heart of Winter Mill—before it’s too late.

I picked up this book because the cover was captivating and once I read the back I had to have it. Once I hear about a love triangle I have to read the book (It's just the way I am). The red and black against the white looked awesome (as my Red, White and Black room will when it's painted!). Although couple on the front weren't the most attractive :/

The book opens with the main character Faye (whose name I love) taking a picture of the early snow when her best friend Liz points out new guy Lucas arriving in his swanky car. Liz explains how his mother, Mercy is a wealthy heiress and has just moved to town but of course everyone already knows this but are confused why anyone would want to move to small town Winter Mills. 
Soon after a body shows up, along with a dark and menace-looking motorcycle gang. Enter Finn, the gangs youngest (and best-looking) member. Faye soon realises she's running into both boys everywhere.
With Liz's dad, the chief of police, not being able to prove the gang responsible for the dead bodies, Faye and Liz take it upon themselves to solve the murders.
Both girls know they can't let their heart get in the way but accusations are flying and they have to solve a mystery that goes deeper than expected.

While reading this book I have to admit I didn't really like Liz (Faye's best friend) but by the end of the book I could see why her and Faye were friends. I loved the encounters that Faye has with both boys and when Use Somebody - Kings of Leon comes on (read the book to see when this shows up) then I instantaneously think of this book!

I enjoyed this book and may even re-read it one day. I thought the ending was a normal tie-up-the-end ending but news has spread of a second book Fool's Silver which I was surprised about because I thought it could of been a good stand-alone but perhaps I will enjoy the second one.


  • PUBLISHING RIGHTABLE - As this book started as on Stardoll then I think it needs props for being published as a book! Well done Bantam Children for knowing potential when you see it!
  • SPICING IT UP - For being called Mortal Kiss and not Immortal Kiss which would of been a little cliche these days.
  • TALKING BLURB - Because the blurb for this story is awesome and draws you in and even people who didn't like this book said the blurb was awesome!

Paperback341 pages
Published January 28th 2011 by Bantam Children
Series: Mortal Kiss #1

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