Saturday, 25 August 2012

Book Review: Last Breath

So, you're new to Morganville. Welcome, new resident! There are only a few important rules you need to know to feel comforable in our quiet little town:

- Obey the speed limits.
- Don't litter.
- Whatever you do, don't get on the bad side of the vampires.

Yeah, we said vampires. Deal with it.
As a human newcomer, you'll need to find yourself a vampire Protector-someone willing to sign a contract to keep you and your safe from harm (especially from the other vampires). In return, you'll pay taxes... just like in any other town. Of course, in most other towns, those taxes don't get collected at the blood bank.
Oh, and if you decide NOT to get a Protector, you can do that, too... but you'd better learn how to run fast, stay out of shadows, and build a network of friends who can help you. Try contacting the residents of the Glass House- Michael, Eve, Shane, and Claire. They know their way around, even if they always end up in the middle of trouble somehow.
Welcome to Morganville. You'll never want to leave.
And even if you do... well, you can't.
Sorry about that.

So this is book 11 in the Morganville Vampire series (wow it's long, but totally worth it!)

Claire Danvers is concerned when three vampires vanish from Morganville without a trace. The last person seen with them is someone new to town - a mysterious individual named Magnus. Claire is convinced creepy Magnus isn't human ...but is he a vampire, or something else entirely? 

Claire's hunt for answers leads her to solving another mystery that's long been puzzling her: why do vampires live so far out in a sunny desert when they're sensitive to sunlight? The answer has nothing to do with sunlight, but with water - and an ancient enemy who has finally found a way to invade the vampires' landlocked community. Vampires aren't the top predator on earth. There's something worse that preys on them ...something much worse. 
Which means if Claire, and Morganville, want to live, they will have to fight on to the last breath ...


  1. Glass Houses (October 2006, Signet BooksISBN 0-451-21994-5)[5]
  2. The Dead Girls' Dance (April 2007, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22089-7)
  3. Midnight Alley (October 2007, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22238-5)
  4. Feast of Fools (June 2008, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22463-9)
  5. Lord of Misrule (January 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22572-4)
  6. Carpe Corpus (June 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22719-0)[4]
  7. Fade Out (November 2009, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22866-9)
  8. Kiss of Death (April 27, 2010, Signet Books, ISBN 0-451-22973-8)
  9. Ghost Town (October 26, 2010, NAL HardcoverISBN 0-451-23161-9)
  10. Bite Club (May 3, 2011, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-23318-2)
  11. Last Breath (November 1, 2011, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-23487-1)
  12. Black Dawn (May 1, 2012, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-23671-8)
  13. Bitter Blood (scheduled November 6, 2012, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-23811-7)
  14. Fall Of Night (scheduled May 17, 2013, NAL Hardcover, ISBN 0-451-41425-X)
  15. Untitled, scheduled to be released in November 2013

If you can put up with long series and are into the whole vampire thing then this is a series for you. I do warn you though that it's hard to make your collection look like a collection because of the constantly changing cover designs. Although I do warn you now that it's for the mature young adults in some bits. If you get my drift...
But hey! I'm mature :)

But it here: Last Breath Book #11

Setting:  Texas (United States) 

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