Thursday, 9 August 2012

Visual Antics: Magic Mike

Magic Mike.

Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) takes in newcomer Adam, known as The Kid (Alex Pettyfer), under his wing as he teaches him the ins and out, the dos and don'ts and the wrong and the rights of being a stripper. Yes I said wrote it.

First Reaction?

Well I don't want to be mean but it wasn't overly interesting

Reaction Now?

It was an alright one-time watch

Would I see it again?

Only because of the very hot male roles and their excellent routines ;)


If this movie did not have Alex Pettyfer I would of downright hated it. Simple as. Although that's a little biased seeing I think he's the bee's knees.

Should you check it out?

Well women will enjoy it while watching it ;) but I guess you could check it out for yourselves.

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